Designed by Red Collar

We keep the balance between beauty, utility and price

Individual approach for flawless results

Competent design resembles individuality and the inner world of the client. All our clients can be certain that all the smallest details in the project are be thought through, well produced and seamlessly fit together.

We choose decor in accordance with the project theme
Combination of ergonomics and decor

You can call an interior ideal if all the details, even the smallest ones elegantly fit together. This is what makes an interior of any style lively and unique.

It’s better to think the decor through while developing the design concept, so that all the elements will fit together into one aesthetically beautiful and functional picture. Diana Danieli Home is as well engaged in decoration of already finished spaces — to place or correct accents.

Our projects

Excellence lies in the details and accents carefully thought through

The mood of the space can be created by artistic decor elements such as paintings and pictures. Diana Danieli Home designers will gladly help you choose works of artists and photographers and place them in your interior. Abstract images and landscapes can emphasize both the emotional mood of the interior and artistic taste of the owner.


Beauty is in the details

Floral compositions are another powerful decor tool to&nbsp;create aesthetic and joyful atmosphere. Our expert florists will make sure that flowers harmoniously fit into the space of&nbsp;any style: from luxurious baroque to&nbsp;plainspoken high tech. In&nbsp;addition to&nbsp;this our floral workshop offers the services of&nbsp;a&nbsp;visiting florist which means regular and diverse decoration of&nbsp;your space with fresh flowers.