Designed by Red Collar

«Erwin» beauty

Beauty Studio

The emotional design of the «ERWIN» beauty studio is based on traditional notions of beauty, combined with bright accents and bold imagery. This bold and provocative interior will not leave visitors indifferent.

We were lucky to work with an enthusiastic client, who was inspired by our ideas, which allowed us to create a really bright and memorable interior.
Now the object is under realization. We are pleased to invite you to become a guest of «ERWIN» beauty.

ул. Ефремова
240 м2
«ERWIN» on Efremova Street is our new beauty studio design project, in which we have combined neoclassics with bright pop-art elements.
The studio is located in the building of a new modern housing estate on the two lower floors. Monitors are built into the walls of the stairwells, broadcasting promos, presentations and fashion shows.
On the first floor there is a reception, waiting, make-up and stylist areas. The second floor is reserved for manicure, pedicure, cosmetology and VIP-room.
The classic and calm image of the interior, combined with professional Maletti furniture, is crowned by Baccarat chandeliers, and bright and colorful compositions made in the technique of graffiti, make the image provocative.
In turn, the striking design elements contain contradictions within themselves, combining pop art icons like Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn with the images of the USSR People's Artist Muslim Magomaev and the flamboyant actor Sasha Baron Cohen.
One of the memorable elements of the second-floor interior is a glass luminous cube that serves as an Instagram place and showcase.